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Close Protection Services

Our company can offer overt and covert protection specifically designed to meet the client’s requirements according to any cultural, political and religious needs that may be required.

Close Protection Services

The demands and services of the specialist role of close protection is an ever increasing activity throughout the entire world. In recent years we have all seen the heightened terrorist threat and the increase in international organised criminal networks. Those concerned in serious crime are now better able to travel more easily through border controls committing crimes such as blackmail, kidnap and industrial espionage.

Our company has fully trained and qualified operatives with the right skills, knowledge and abilities to undertake a professional protective role throughout the world. We have gained invaluable experiences in carrying out detailed threat and risk assessments that will provide both the necessary support and confidentiality that their clients required from our service. The operatives we deploy will ensure that our clients maintain their daily activity without fear or concern and ensure that ongoing risks are managed in order that any adjustments to the client are controlled and timely. 

The expertise we offer can provide services from individual close protection, to a dedicated team of officers tasked to protect individuals, their families, property and assets. Our company can offer overt and covert protection specifically designed to meet the client’s requirements according to any cultural, political and religious needs that may be required. 

We will provide a service that will encompass diligence, discretion confidentiality and most importantly professionalism that will ensure that our client feels protected and safe in any environment they may frequent.

Close Protection Officers and Teams

The basic role of the Close Protection Officer (CPO) is to protect the client on a one to one basis - either throughout their day-to-day activities, or for one-off events.

Our CPO's can be deployed on an individual basis or in teams, depending on the scale of protection required. We can find you the right staff member(s) that not only meet your image, high standards, and operational requirements, but also who can blend successfully with your existing team. Whether you need male or female staff, highly overt, large presence CPO's, or discrete, covert personnel, who remain 'beneath the radar', All can be pacific to your requirements.

Residential Security (RST) & Asset Protection

Often, the threat to the assets of the client can be far greater than to the individual himself or herself, mainly dependent upon the relative value or replacement cost of those assets.

Assets come in many forms from property, cash and goods in transit, to irreplaceable antiquities, processes, image and intellectual property. Popular assets will be empty property, cash & valuables, equine, antiques, art, and luxury transportation.  The security response may differ considerably in terms of numbers, expertise and contract length as determined by the operational risk.

VIP Protection

Our staff can provide a simple ‘meet and greet’ service, escort the client whilst on business or leisure trips, check the suitability and security of accommodation and advise on travel plans.  Most importantly we are available when you need us, however simple or complex the task is.

Events & Venue Based Security

Atlas UK Security can provide a complete security service for those special events or parties, allowing you to enjoy or celebrate those special occasions without worrying about the risks.  Transport difficulties, unwelcome guests, accidents or disruption can spoil everything that you have planned, so leave this side of the festivities to us.  With a simple risk assessment and organisational review we can quickly pinpoint the support that you may require in the form of security staff and transport which can be provided in the most discreet manner if required. 

Overwhelmingly, a greater threat is posed by accidents, incidents and events that occur outside of a direct attack or confrontation, all of our operatives are advanced drivers and First Aiders (FPoS)

Executive Close Protection

Ensuring the safety of a client and working to create a secure environment is of great significance to any organization.

Atlas UK Security provides executive close protection to an individual or a group of clients, as well as securing an event's premise. To combat any level of threat, our company operates within the UK and overseas. We provide high level corporate close protection for specific or more general problems that concern you, regardless of the level of threat.

We are experienced in VIP close protection for high profile clientele including actors, athletes, journalists, celebrities and business personalities.

Whether open or discreet, Atlas UK Security will provide the necessary protection, according to the clients' requirement. Our close protection personnel are handpicked from police, military or security specialist backgrounds.

Our Protection Opratives have the skill and experience to adapt to a wide range of environments. They have the talents to operate in sensitive areas such as diplomatic zones, financial districts, and conflict-ridden areas.

No matter what type of security services you need, Atlas UK Security has the necessary expertise to provide according to client requirements.

Atlas UK Security Close Protection Services

Atlas UK protection services give 100 percent for your personal safety. We can assure you absolute protection. Our services are not limited within national borders, if needed; we work internationally to ensure our client's wellbeing and safety.

We understand the value of your life. We know the importance of your safety and all our executives will work hand in hand to provide you a risk-free experience. If we are working for you, you will have no worries at all. Your safety is our first and foremost priority. 

Our client's need is our primary concern. We can provide you protection from any political threat. If you are a celebrity, we can defend you from over enthusiastic fans and stalkers. In addition, we provide extra security facilities when it comes to threats from terrorists.

Our team can work with you to analyse potential threats and we can also help you to identify its source. We provide efficient services without invading your privacy. After appointing us, you shall not be disappointed.

Atlas UK service provides licensed CPOs who are fully trained to protect you from any sort of threat. Our CPOs will stick to you like shadows twenty four hours if necessary and protect you from any possible peril. We are the best when it comes to assessing perimeters for risk before a client's arrival. 

Not just that, but we also cater to clients who are in need of residential security. Our CPOs can accompany clients to business or social events upon need. Moreover, we have secured vehicles for smooth movement from one place to another. Our chauffeurs are highly qualified and can tackle any kind of threat.

Atlas UK has a security control centre in Yeovil, Somerset. We provide twenty four hour comprehensive support service for all our clients. You will always get a quick response from us during any kind of emergency. Our experienced team will reach you within hours to offer protective services. You can also discuss your safety requirements with one of our experienced consultants before opting for our services.

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